Danish Pastry Worldwide

Bake off

Mette Munk produces bake off Danish Pastry. This means that our Danish Pastry is supplied preproved, frozen and unbaked. When our Danish Pastry is baked at our clients’ premises, they not only get fresh and newly-baked Danish Pastry, they also achieve the wonderful aroma of baked pastries which attracts the customers.

We freeze the Danish Pastry to ensure a long shelf life without compromising on quality. The fact that our Danish Pastry can be baked from frozen ensures minimum wastage, as it enables our clients to bake the pastries quickly so that it meets the demand – regardless of whether four or 400 pieces are required.

Our Danish Pastry is supplied with simple baking instructions printed on the box and with handy icing bags for decoration.

Mette Munk Bageri

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