Quality & Food Safety

Our goal at Mette Munk is to give our customers a sensational tasting experience every time they bite into one of our Danish Pastries. Therefore we carefully select the best ingredients from all over the world and combine them with the unique Danish margarine. With great passion and constant innovation we market new, exciting Danish Pastries and improve the beloved classics to reach even higher standards. We raise the bar for quality and use for example real bourbon vanilla in our Vanilla Crowns and produce our own clean, juicy Crown fillings of fresh berries and fruits called REAL FRUIT.

We honor the traditional craftsmanship and pay respect to the proud Danish tradition of making light, flaky pastry. We combine the craftsmanship and our solid experience in the Danish Pastry industry with one of the world’s most advanced production plants.

Better and cleaner ingredients


  • Our products are free from hydrogenated fats and oils.
  • We strive to reduce saturated fat in our products We use 100% vegetable margarine.
  • We use either margarine with sustainable palm oil or palm oil free margarine.
  • We use free-range eggs only.
  • Our products are free from GMO.
  • We use natural colors and flavors only.
  • Our icing is without titanium dioxide.
  • We strive to reduce salt to a minimum in our products.


At Mette Munk we follow the strict European and Danish food legislation. We are also a BRC certified (A+ grade) and follow the HACCP system to ensure high factory and product safety standards.

BRC certificate

Mette Munk Bageri

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