Sensational and clean fruitfillings made of fresh berries and fruits.

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Premium Danish Pastry

Indulge yourself with our selection of Premium Danish Pastries.

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We use free-range eggs only now for our tarts/pies and Danish Pastries. 

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Authentic Danish Pastry

Authentic Danish Pastry

At Mette Munk we take great pride in producing authentic Danish Pastry. Mette Munk honours the traditional craftsmanship and pay respect to the proud Danish tradition of making light, flaky pastry. We combine the tradition with one of the world’s most advanced production plants and we select the very best ingredients from all over the world to ensure a superb taste experience every time.

Sound experience and innovation is the foundation of Mette Munk’s activities and constant efforts are being made to market new Danish Pastries and to improve the beloved classics to meet our customers’ needs.

A ”Danish” history

Munke Mølle (monk’s mill) opened the Mette Munk bakery in Odense in 1962. Munke Mølle was build by Benedictine monks after the murder of Saint Canute in Sct. Albani Church, and the mill had grined flour for people in Odense since 1175.

The Mette Munk bakery was a success and became the first company to export frozen Danish Pastry to the UK and USA. Mette Munk has grown since but is still located on the historical address, combining the traditional Danish craftsmanship with the best ingredients and solid experience. Read more here.

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