Premium Danish Pastry


We at Mette Munk are proud to announce that we per May 1 will be using free-range eggs only in our production. 

Our Danish Pastry dough gets its fabulous consistency by laminating dough and margarine, which gives the light, flaky texture combined with a moist bite and a wonderful mouthfeel. The eggs are an important part of the dough and gives elasticity to enable the lamination with the margarine. 

Free-range eggs comes from hens that have a much more natural life than caged hens. They have access to at least four m2 per hen of outdoor, natural enviroment. Their indoor area is equipped with nests and perches, and at least one third of the floor is covered with sand, straw or other bedding. 

We hope you will find this news as egg-cellent as we do. 

Maple Pecan Plait

Maple Pecan Plait Maple Pecan Plait is a light and flaky Danish Pastry in an appealing braided shape topped with delicious pecan nuts. The tasty and caramel-like filling is made of remonce with aromatic maple syrup. The Maple Pecan Plait is pre-glazed for a warm, shinny appearance.


Muscovado is a delicious pastry that combines traditional light and flaky Danish Pastry with an exciting new filling of natural, unprocessed muscovado sugar. The sugar provides a dark and caramel-like centre with a sweet and aromatic taste. The braided pastry is topped with cream custard that completes the taste experience.

Lemon Cheese

Lemon Cheese is a light and flaky Danish Pastry in an appealing braided shape topped with sugar nips. Lemon Cheese is filled with a mouth watering combination of rich cream cheese and fresh lemon juice. The Danish Pastry dough is of high quality and made with the best ingredients to ensure the light, flaky texture and perfect mouth feel.  

Authentic Danish Pastry

Mini Danish Pastry

Tempting Danish Pastry in 42g mini size.

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Sensational and clean fruitfillings made of fresh berries and fruits.

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Classic Danish Pastry

See our range of beloved large classics.

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